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Foundation Services

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Why Choose PermaJack?

Our experts at PermaJack are trained and experienced in building and restoring residential and commercial foundations. The PermaJack system requires minimal excavation, using state of the art equipment and materials meticulously examined for precision and accuracy. Since 1974, Louisville and surrounding communities have relied on The PermaJack System for their residential and commercial buildings.

Ignore the First Signs of Foundation Problems Now,
Suffer the Consequences Later

If you have foundation damage, it will get worse. When caught early on, you lower the risk of secondary issues arising from a damaged foundation. However, by delaying repairing your foundation you run the risk of:

  • Loosened, bent and broken gas and water lines.
  • Water damage from roof leaks to wooden beams, insulation, interior walls, ceilings, electrical wiring and fixtures.
  • Wind and rain creeping through cracks in exterior brick walls damage sheathing, insulation and interior walls

If you suspect you have foundation damage, call PermaJack!

First Signs of Foundation Problems

The earlier foundation damage is discovered, the better the outcome. Stay vigilant and call PermaJack if you discover any of the following issues in your building:

  • Cracks in interior walls
  • Cracks in foundation walls
  • Doors and windows sticking
  • Cracks in or between exterior bricks
  • Joints around windows or door frames pulling away from caulking
  • Floors settling
  • Leaking roof

The Solution

Polyurethane Injections

Polyurethane Injections Holes are drilled into the wall and through the crack. High pressure injection ports are mounted into the holes and a polyurethane sealant is injected into the crack. Once filled, the sealant is smoothed over the crack for a flexible sealed finish.

Subfloor Drainage Systems Sump Systems

Interior drain tile systems such as Permajacks multi-flow pipe, can be installed to relieve hydro static pressure and prevent damage to foundations and crawl spaces. For more information check out our Waterproofing section of the website.

PermaJack Steel Pier System

 The Permajack System is a proven patented process that forces steel piers to load bearing strata. The same hydraulic cylinder is used to drive, test and lift (if necessary) and lock the pier in place reducing on site job time since there is no need to change equipment.

Helical Tiebacks or Anchors Tiebacks

Helical Tiebacks or Anchors Tiebacks can be either installed for temporarily braced excavations or for permanent retaining walls. Wall Anchors provide supplemental lateral force to help stabilize bowed and cracked walls. This installation is quickly installed using handheld equipment and requires minimal excavation or disturbance to the yard.

What are foundation piers?

Push piers connect the house to stable, load bearing strata or bedrock. A steel bracket connects each pier to the foundation to prevent foundation settlement. Brackets are often used along with hydraulic jacks to lift the structure back to original position.

Push piers can be installed inside or outside your foundation walls and are not visible once the repair is complete. In many scenarios, push piers not only stop settlement but lift the foundation back to its original position, closing cracks and improving window and door operation.

Foundation care information

Take care of your investment by following these tips to prevent damage to your building’s foundation:

  • Trees should be planted as far away from your foundation as the mature height of the tree to minimize the effect of drying caused by moisture consumption.
  • Control roof water runoff by implementing a gutter and downspout system.
  • Fill in low spots and level off high spots adjacent to foundations so the soil surface slopes gradually away from your building.
  • Repair dripping spigots, leaking drains and divert water from air conditioning condensate drains away from foundations.

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