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Basement Waterproofing System

Water can be a home’s worst enemy if it leaks through foundation cracks or from a poor drainage system. The results can seriously compromise the structural integrity and foundation of the house, leading to costly repairs and possibly permanent damage to your home.

PermaJack Louisville’s basement waterproofing system prevents water leakage through the foundation. The installation of the system protects the foundation and may even extend the life of your home.

When inadequate or non-existing waterproofing allows water to seep inside your basement, the area may become a breeding ground for  black mold growth that can release mold spores into the air. When your family breathes this contaminated air, they may experience respiratory problems, flu-like symptoms, headaches, fever and other health issues.

Basements are often a family’s recreational area and may serve as a storage space for books, heirlooms and other items. All of those belongings possibly could be destroyed by water leaking into the basement, leading to the loss of thousands of dollars. In addition to the monetary loss, some of those items have profound personal meaning to the family and cannot be replaced for any amount of money.

If you suspect or notice moisture or standing water in your basement, PermaJack Louisville will send one of our trained and certified waterproofing contractors to inspect your home, diagnose the problem and offer customized solutions.

Waterproofing Services

  • Sump Pump and Backup Systems
  • Waterproofing Systems
  • Horizontal Crack Sealants
  • Yard Drainage
  • Concrete Wall Crack Epoxy / Urethane Injection
  • Carbon Fiber Strips
  • Exterior Drain Tile Systems

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